MOTION is a local church student conference that is founded on the belief that our faith is not meant to be idle, hidden, or contained but instead lived out in MOTION in Christ!

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Suggested Packing List 

  • Notebook, Pen, Bible, offering to contribute to the MOTION Cause

  • Spending money for MOTION Merchandise ($50.00)

  • Spending money for additional snacks at hotel or concessions ($10) (Feel free to pack your students’ favorite snack and send with them to help save $)

  • Necessities such as toothbrush, soap, change of clothes, etc.



***BJCC strongly encourage guests not to bring any type of bag, but what is outlined below:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, mesh, vinyl or PVC that do not exceed 14”X14” will be allowed.

  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or smaller)

  • Refillable water bottles are accepted in the arena.

·         Use the buddy system. Make sure you have someone with you when you leave and make sure you inform your room leader of where you are going. Should your student separate themselves from the group, one adult will try to locate them, and parents will be contacted. Example: Boys and girls are not allowed to enter the same room without an adult chaperone.

·         Displays of Affection: All participants shall refrain from inappropriate displays of affection such as kissing, prolonged embracing, and other body contact inappropriate to a church environment. 

·         Respect to Leaders: Students attending MOTION agree to follow the instructions of the leaders. 

·         Property Damage: Students who damage or destroy property willfully will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.

·         Smoking/Drinking/Illegal Drugs: Tobacco products are not used at student events, even if legal age. 

·         Prescription Medicines: Written details such as dosage, and timing should be given to room leader of student, should this be required during the event. 

·         Cell Phones/Devices: While we cannot control students cell phone usage entirely, (given hotels have free WIFI), we would like to set guidelines. Please discuss what is appropriate and what’s not with your student. Cell phones will be put away from Midnight until 7am. 

·         We expect students to put away cell phones and other devices during the main conference session. Taking photos and videos are permissible during activities where it is not a distraction. 

Example: Scrolling social media, selfies, or gaming while the conference speaker is on stage is not allowed. MOTION guidelines suggest disconnecting from everyday lives will help students focus on what God is doing in them at MOTION.


Cost of MOTION - $150

Includes Ticket – Thursday pm, Friday am/pm, Saturday am/afternoon

Meals are included in ticket: Free Breakfast at hotel, MOTION food Chick-fil-A, Newk’s Eatery, Taziki’s ** NL paid for meals for everyone so if student doesn’t eat certain food, encourage them to get the meal and share rather than trash. Should students be allergic, feel free to pack food or purchase concessions.

Concessions – Food options are available throughout the Arena. Students will need additional money to purchase but this is not required. 



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Students and Adult Leaders attending MOTIOn

Text “NLMOTION” to 205.351.0099 We will use this group text to send out real time updates for NL group communication. Parents feel free to add yourself to this as you can see what/where we will be up to.

Use Hashtag #MOTION on all your pictures.